La empresa


Branding to Latin markets by empowering women and promoting initiatives to encourage art, film, culinary, business and cultural exchange.

Cultura Latina

We are passionate about art and culture from our latin countries and we hope brands can embrace our ideas and help support our goals of prosperity, business development and cultural exchange amongst our countries, by helping women inspire each other to build stronger communities.  Together we can bring out the best of each other and create amazing opportunities for all of us.

Support Latin Women

Ellas can transport and deliver your brand and products to the Latina women of the world.

Photography: Geraldine Pavan

Celebrities and Business Women:

Briggith Ripamonti - EllasTV Creative Director

Patricia Delinois- Century 21 Realty

Rebeca Herrera Art Bodega Magazine 

Danielle schachter- EllasTV

Biany Lopez - Entrepreneur

Anastasia Bogatcheva- Artist 

Melissa abusada- Celebrity Chef

Raquel Eugenia Pinedo- Foundation of The Americas

Irma Sanchez- Women in leadership

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